Seasonal Skin Tone Analysis: How To Coordinate Color with Skin tone

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If you have read any of my previous lipstick or foundation post you may have noticed that I mentioned the term “Skin Tones” several times. I believe the most important factor to get a fresh look and glamorous makeover is to bring harmony in my whole appearance, in other terms to coordinate my skin color, hair color and eye color with the clothing and makeup. I always emphasize on the compatibility of the products I review with “Warm” or “Cool” skin undertones. I suppose anyone who has a little inclination towards makeup and fashion knows the exact meaning of those gibberish like warm skin, cool tones etc. For those who are listening these terms for first time in life here come the brief descriptions of two main undertones of human skin.

Warm undertone of skin: The skin with warm undertones seems to have yellow or golden or peach (orang-y pink) hue. The person with warm undertone will see green-ish veins under those parts of the skin which is not exposed to sun or not tanned. Skin color ranges from porcelain (extremely pale) to blackish brown.

Cool undertone of skin: The skin with cool undertones seems to have red or pink or blue-ish (seems like white-washed) hue. The person with cool undertone will see blue veins under unexposed skin. Skin color ranges from porcelain to blackish brown.

Now on the basis of undertone the warm people are suggested to wear warm colors like orange, brown, coral, gold etc and to avoid pastel colors like rose, powder blue, mauve, grey etc. The cool undertone people are suggested vice versa. Now if those verse were true then anyone from warm group should look washed out or too much contrasting in pastel pink or powder pink but in the following picture you can see how lovely Kareena Kapoor is looking in pink while Rani Mukherjee is looking almost lifeless and very much made up. Needless to say, they both belong to the warm undertone group.

kareena and rani in pink

Then how are we supposed to do the perfect color coordination between our skin tones and clothing? To solve this confusion each undertone was further divided in two groups depending on skin tone, hair colors and eye colors. So we got four color groups which are called Seasons and named after Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter.

Warm undertone is divided into Autumn and Spring when cool undertone is divided into Summer and Winter. Below is the easy flowchart by which you can analysis your skin tone and the season you belong to.

how to determine your skin session

Each of these seasons can be subdivided into any three following categories depending on the nature of eye colors and the intensity of the basic hue of skin and hair color.

Dark/deep season: If the eye and hair color of the person is of dark tones; like dark brown, dark green or dark hazel eyes and dark to medium brown hair.

Clear season: If the person has very bright and sparkling eyes like bright green or blue or clear grey.

Warm season: If the person has warm hair color, mostly golden blonde, coppery red.

Light season: If the person has extremely light and delicate hues of skin tone and hair color.

Soft season: If the hues in skin color, hair color and eye are softly blended and nothing stands out.

I will talk about the prominent Indian skin tones and seasons here with the best colors that suit the season. This is not a 100% accurate system but anyone can get a basic idea of what color would flatter and uplift her complexion and which color would make her dull and washed out.

Deep Autumn

Hair: Medium to dark brown or brown black

Eye: Dark brown, dark green, dark hazel

Skin tone: Ivory, golden beige, bronze

Deep autumn skin tones- sonakshi sinha rani mukherjee nina manuel

Best colors: Warm and bold colors

best colors for warm skin tone deep autumn season

best colors for warm skin tone deep autumn season

Worst colors: Soft pastel and dusty tones

worst colors for warm skin tone deep autumn season

Soft Autumn

Hair: Medium brown to golden blonde

Eye: Light brown, Light Hazel, Blue, green

Skin tone: Ivory, light beige, neutral beige, medium beige

Soft autumn skin tone aishwaria rai and Katie Holmes

Best colors: Muted colors with warm undertone

best colors for warm skin tone soft autumn season

best colors for warm skin tone soft autumn season

Worst colors: Extremely bright colors

worst colors for warm skin tone soft autumn season

Clear Spring

Hair: Medium to brown black

Eyes: blue, green, topaz

Skin tone: Porceline, light ivory, peach, bronze, deep warm brown, brown black

Clear spring skin season- kareena kapoor emma watson beyonce

Best colors: Bright clear colors

best colors for warm skin toneclear spring season

best colors for warm skin tone clear spring season

Worst colors: Dark and dusty colors

worst colors for warm skin toneclear spring season

Deep Winter

Hair: Black to medium brown hair, Salt and pepper hair

Eyes: Black, dark brown, dark hazel

Skin tones: Pale beige, beige, olive, black brown, black

Deep winter skin tones Katrina kaif anuska sharma priyanka chopra frieda pinto

Best colors: Extremely vibrant clear colors

best colors for cool skin tone deep winter season

best colors for cool skin tone deep winter season

Worst colors: Dusty warm earthy hues, soft peach, corals

worst colors for cool skin tone deep winter season


I always maintain these ground rules of seasonal skin tone analysis and try to coordinate colors of my clothing and makeup accordingly. In future posts I’d try to do looks and makeup according to those prominent Indian skin seasons mentioned above.  If you have any doubt about you r skin tone and seasons and want to know more about the other seasons please drop me a mail.

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