L’Oreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise eyeliner; Review & Swatches

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Today I am going to talk about the L’Oreal Paris Superliner Gelmatic Eyeliner in Turbo Turquoise. Its L’Oreals’s first gel eyeliner in a pen format. According to the brand the gel eyeliner pen from this range have quick, precise and easy application combined with intense matte colour pay off.

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L'Oreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise eyeliner Review & Swatches

L’Oreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise

Price: Rs. 450/- (available on Amazon with a discount)

LOreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise eyeliner Review

The packaging of the Gelmatic pen liners look quite classy for the golden strip and gold letterings on black. The end of the pencil is coded with the color of the eyeliner. The shape is like a typical eyeliner pen and the cap and the body is pretty sturdy to endure travel. The thing I like most about this range is these are retractable pencils with a tiny sharpener at the end inside the color coded part (I forgot to take picture of the sharpener). Retractable eyeliner pencils are easy to maintain and there is minimum product loss due to sharpening.

The texture is not creamy and smooth like the Colorbar I-Glide eye pencils. The application is supposed to be easy because of the gel formula but it tugs a little bit on dry eyelid. Due to the tugging drawing a precise line may not be always possible. The pencil is neither very stiff nor too soft but I felt more than usual pressure may break it. The pigment takes 3-4 minutes to set down and after that it becomes totally waterproof. The eyeliner does not smudge naturally but when I intensive rubbed with hand it actually disappeared just leaving behind a blue tint on the lid.

The pigment of Gelmatic Turbo Turquoise is pretty good. Only 2 strokes are enough to get the exact shade of the pencil. The pigment does not contain any shimmer but settles into a lovely metallic turquoise finishing. The eyeliner stays on my oily lid without fading for 6+ hours if I do not rub it accidentally. I am disappointed because I have expected a longer lasting time for the gel eyeliner formula. I have not tried the pencil on my waterline because the SA suggested so and I have extremely sensitive eyes.

LOreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen eyeliner Review

LOreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen eyeliner

LOreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise swatches

LOreal Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise eyeliner swatches; left: under sunlight; right: with flash

LOreal Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise eyeliner swatches
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  1. The pigmentation of the eyeliner is very good and has gorgeous metallic finishing.
  2. No chunky shimmer is added.
  3. Color pay off is good.
  4. Moderately priced.
  5. Stays on oily lid for 5-6 hours without fading and smudging.
  6. Waterproof and smudge proof.
  7. The pen apply the pigment evenly.


  1. The gel eyeliner pen tug a little on dry eyelid.
  2. The pigment get smudged and even disappear if rubbed extensively.
  3.  Staying power could have been better.

M&F suggestion…

This is an elegant  turquoise color which can be worn by pale to medium complexioned ladies. If you want to make your eyes pop with some summer colors or you are planning your next beach vacation then LO’real Superliner Gelmatic Pen Turbo Turquoise would be your go-to eyeliner. Anyway if you are a fan of really long lasting (read 8+ hours) and stubborn eyeliner then you should better not invest in this eyeliner pen.

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  1. This is a very pretty turquoise shade. Have you tried swatching it liner on your hand a few times before applying it. I find that it warms up the liner and hence spreads on the eyes easier.

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