Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I am Tiya, the author and editor of this blog. Professionally I am a scientist working on human diseases. I work part-time as a scientific advisor, image consultant, personal shopper and blogger. It is well established perception that scientists or academicians are nerdy and unsocial, which with few exceptions are very true. Majority of us are most of the time forgetful and fearful of the world around us except the scientific community. While studying and in the initial year of my job I also used to live in my own bubble concentrating only on research. I was least bothered about my appearance and my fashion sense was equal to a laboratory rat. The ignorance started to take its toll when I decided to move to the communication sector of the business. I started investing my time on the fashion research. I understood it’s not going to cut the carpet area for the bookish knowledge in my brain if I stuff the information about this season’s fashion trends. I am really pleased with myself that back then I didn’t left the situation on its own and decided to take control. The results were beyond my expectations. The reason behind opening this blog is to reach every other woman who is in the same situation like I was few years back. I want to build a social platform where I can share my experience of social grooming, personal style makeover and habits to get a healthy body and skin with you.

I write mainly about fashion which is budget friendly. Frankly speaking, women living in metros only have easy access to the expensive designer clothes. Majority of the ladies have to depend on local market or online clothing stores. Through my blog I wish to help those beautiful ladies who are facing the challenge of shopping in the small towns. I also love to discuss about healthy eating habits which keep many skin problems and weight issues at bay.

I have pale-to-medium complexion with yellow undertone (according to M.A.C MUA I’m NC35-37), round face, dark brown eyes and moderately thick dark brown hair. I absolutely love bright colors. So you will see me playing with a lot of colorful outfits here. Thanks again for reading my blog. I would always love to hear your opinion about my blog. Take care, be happy and keep on reading.

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